Introducing the WWWAMI Program! is about helping you through those tough spots by giving you direction for personal success.


  • You may ask: "What do I really want?"
  • You may have lost direction and then there are those dark times when you think you are all alone.
  • You may have fears about the future, fears about the world and fears about whether you will ever achieve your goals.

Maybe you don't even know what they are yet and are struggling to identify them. How do you cope?

Perhaps you already have a handle on all this but just need some structure in your life to work more effectively and be accountable. The good news is it is achievable, with our practical, hands on programs we can equip you with the tools and skills you need to deal with all of the above. We support you with personal coaching throughout the program, by e-mail, if required.

WWWAMI is a fun, practical, hands-on program developed for young people from the age of 12 and beyond. This program has been designed to add another "link" to the education process. When personal development takes place, this results in improved performances academically.

Read on to see how this program can add to your credentials over and above those acquired through secondary and tertiary education and how they are designed to help your journey through life, and lift you to a whole other dimension of performance. We equip you with skills to balance your personal, social and work environments.

  • Imagine having the edge with potential employers.
  • Imagine feeling confident about WHO you are, WHAT you want and WHERE you are going!

The journey to becoming THE BEST YOU CAN BE starts right here


Who am I? What am I WANTING? Wherer am I GOING?